Trip to Independence, OR

10387700_10204892460204768_6212579756786222050_nThis is us!  Just your average married couple.  Well sometimes we can go outside the box or under the low bridge.

Let me tell you about our trip to see my Aunt Jeanne, Aunt Mary Jo, and Uncle Butch (Frank) in Oregon.  We used our GPS to get from Portland, OR to Independence, OR.  Following the directions, she took us down this beautiful river on a very narrow road.  We came to the first bridge went under no problem.  Came to the second bridge it was 12’9″ tall (and that was in the middle of the road).  So I jumped out of the pickup and directed my husband to drive all the time watching for traffic and our A/C unit on top.  Well, we made it with just inches to spare maybe less!  The next bridge we came to was only 12’3″ needless to say, we weren’t listening to the GPS lady anymore, but cursing her.  Anyway, we found an uphill driveway to turn around in (thank goodness my husband can back up well).  We went back the same way we came and called my Uncle Butch for directions around that road to his house.  The next day, we went back down that road, without the camper, and there were signs and also turn arounds if you got to the bridge and couldn’t make it.  By the way, we had a wonderful visit.  Thanks for reading.

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