Beauty in your Neighborhood

We have not been able travel anywhere, so my wonderful husband and I took our 4 wheeler out to be a tourist in our own neighborhood.  This time of year is so pretty with all the trees changing.  Sometimes we all get in our vehicles to go to work, and don’t look at the world around you and appreciate it.  Our neighborhood is out in the country in a very rural part of SE Colorado.  We only live 5 miles from the KS border.  So let me show you some of our part of the world.img_0110

This is a huge tree just south of our place, it is so beautiful year round.

See there is beauty everywhere, even your own neighborhood.

Do you remember the movie Vacation with Bill Murray?  Well they met up with Cousin Eddie in Coolidge, KS.  Guess what?  Coolidge, KS is just 6 miles from us to the east.  Cousin Eddie has an antique store there and also The Trail City Bed and Breakfast is there.  Small town, but has a lot of history back when cattle were herded.

This time of year is Milo harvest, the elevator is open 24 hours to accommodate the farmers who are bringing their milo to town.

So these are just random pictures:  Hay stacks, cattle on the pasture, old abandoned homes and silos.  So I guess, when you can’t travel, take a look in your own area and see all the beauty there.  BECOME A TOURIST AT HOME!!

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