Children and Grandchildren


As with a lot of families, ours is blended.  Donnie has 3 boys:  Ryan, Casey, and Dylan.  I have 2 children:  Sara and Philip.  Fortunately, they all have the same upbringing and values.  But, these children are all spread out.

Well, you can go through all our pictures, but do you remember when your mom or grandma used to get out the old photo albums and show you a bunch of relatives that were no longer around when you were born?  Like your Great Uncle Frank or Great Great Grandma Elsa, and she was born in the old country and migrated here with her parents. It is great to know your heritage and lineage, but sometimes just getting through all the pics of people you never met could put a decade on you.  So here goes our pics and kids and grandkids.  You’ve never met them, but they are like gems to us.  Remember everyone has family and history somewhere, and our life would not be as blessed as it is with our growing family.

We will start with Ryan and his wife Kim.



They have 3 children:  Sammy and Nathan on the tractor with their dad and Mackenzie.  They live in WA state and are roughly 1500 miles from us.  We miss them bunches and wish we could see them more often.  They just bought some property so when they get settled on it, we can take our camper and rough it with them.

Then Casey and his fiancée Patricia.

They are engaged to be married and have 1 son Connor.  They do live close to us over in Coolidge, KS.  Great fun to have them close to us.

Then Dylan and his fiancée Jordan.dylan-jordan

They have no children yet, but we have high hopes for lots of grandbabies.  Well, at least one or two.  They live about 70 miles away in Garden City, KS.

Then Sara and Nick.

They have 3 children:  Maleia, Millie, and Mila.  They live in NC which is roughly 1500 miles from us.  We try to make it out to see them or meet them half way, but it never often enough. As, you can see, the 2 old people in the back are us!

Then Philip and Pin.philip-and-pin

They have no children yet, but who knows?  Anyway, they live in Thailand.  Which is much more than a camper trip to see them, but we will try to make it there sometime.

Just some fun pics of all:

Well, that’s all of us.  Everyone have a great day.


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