Canyon Lake, TX



We are finally on the road!!  Tuesday we made a spontaneous decision to take a trip to Texas.  Our first stop was in Roaring Springs, TX at a RV campground called Roaring Springs Ranch Club. It is a private park, but because we are Coast to Coast members we are able to stay. It  was beautiful.  It is their off season, but with the leaves changing and quiet we really enjoyed our one night stay.  If headed that way, talk to Amy she was wonderful to work with.

The next day, we headed south to San Antonio, although our GPS took us the long way around thru Abilene, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin.  Got caught in San Marcos by a train for an hour.  So next trip we are gonna pay a little more attention to where it is taking us.

But, we are now in Canyon Lake, TX.  The name of the resort is Lake Pointe Resort.  The first thing you see every morning are the deer all over the camp.  This is so beautiful here also.  They wait for you to feed them. The buck in the top pic is just outside our door.

We took a trip to New Braunfels, TX yesterday and saw the biggest convenience store ever.  Lots of tourist trap stuff, of course I had to get a t-shirt and touristy stuff.

img_0134img_0137We had lunch at this seafood restaurant.  I love shrimp gumbo and it was delicious.

This morning we went to brunch.

img_0150This place had the hugest pancake I have ever eaten.  We definitely recommend trying this place.

Well, we are having a wonderful time and this part of Texas is incredible.  Headed to Corpus Christie in the next day or two.  Love this traveling where we just make it up as we go.

That’s all for today, talk to ya from Corpus Christie or wherever the camper heads.  Donnie’s cousin Mark is coming over tonight so see you around the bend.

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