Tomball, TX


The town of Tomball, TX is just north of Houston, TX.  What a pretty town.  Lots of history.  We came here from Canyon Lake, TX and it was an easy trip.  The train station above is beautiful with statues and dedications.  See below.

This Texas trip has been wonderful.  We have made no plans, no reservations, and just do what we want.  We did however plan on seeing friends and relatives, just didn’t let them know that we were coming.  So since they do have to work, we can only see them in the evenings.  But with great meals out and great catching up and conversation, we have had a wonderful time.  Donnie’s cousin Garry and his wife Irmi have been so much fun to visit with.


One thing we really do love to do while RV Camping, we look for the local restuarants where all the local vehicles are parked in front of!! The Locals know where the best food is.

Today we ate at a little diner called C.C’s Café in Tomball, TX!  WOW!  Great prices and great food.


Right now we are sitting in our camper while I author this blog.  We are staying at the Corral RV Park in Tomball, TX.  It seems to be for us old people or snowbirds as we would love to be.  Still working, so that comes later, but for right now we are exploring all of our options for that one day in the future that we can get away all winter.  This campground is wonderful, internet access, paved pull-thrus, friendly staff, and just generally a nice place to be resting up.

So from here we don’t know, thinking somewhere near Winnsboro, TX.  A girlfriend of mine from high school lives there.  She knows we may be coming, but doesn’t know when.  So surprise Cheryl here we come!!

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