Eating and Traveling Texas

This has been a wonderful trip across and around Texas.  We will end our trip in Hutchison, KS on Monday November 14.  This has been probably one of our most successful trips without any Plans and schedules.  Right now we are sitting in The City Park of Winnsboro, TX.  Leaves are changing and fall is here, but this park is quiet and beautiful.

But, the main reason we are here, is to visit a really great friend from Britton High School, Britton, SD 1983 graduating class.  Thanks Cheryl for having us the past few days.  This trip would not have been complete without seeing you and your new husband.  Your dad looks great and it was fun visiting with him.  Larry Webb.

Now onto our small town diner and café stops.  In New Braunfels, TX we ate at a nice seafood restaurant called Seafood Island.  We were  met at the door by a very sweet lady who explained the menu and gave us tips on great plates.


For breakfast, we had the best pancake ever at Granny D’s.  The pancake was huge, larger than the plate.


The next town we went to was Tomball, TX.  We had an awesome meal at Goodson’s Café.  Our waitress was so sweet.  Amber has worked here for 7 years, is going to school, and I believe she said they were building a house.  Amber was so upbeat and we couldn’t have asked for a better waitress.

Donnie, my husband and his cousin Garry and Irmi ordered a half order of chicken fried steak.  The plates came out and the whole plate was covered with the steak, can’t imagine what a whole order would have been.


Our breakfast meal in Tomball was at C.C’s Café.  This also was a great place to eat with friendly staff and awesome food.


So on to Winnsboro, TX we go, but first on our way we stopped in Lufkin, TX to have lunch.  Awesome place.  We both had a pork chop sandwich that was huge and we could barely finish.  Check this place out.

Now yesterday, we were in Winnsboro, TX.  We ate lunch at a diner called Richie’s Grill.  They had an awesome buffet with chicken, enchiladas, burritos etc.  They also have a great menu to check out.

So, today we drove down to Quitman, TX to sightsee and have lunch.  This diner was incredible.  The décor was all western and the food was incredible.  My Wagon Wheel was a whole plate of Buscuits topped with gravy, sausage, eggs and cheese.  Needless to say a to go box was needed.  Met the owner and she was so lovely.

So if you are going to travel, and need a place to dine, don’t always look for the McDonalds or other franchise.  These small diners are run by individuals that have put their heart and soul into the place and the food.  You will definitely get better service, better prices, and awesome meals.

Just look for the restaurant with all the locals parked out front.  They always know the best places in town to eat.

Enjoy your day!!  Happy Veterans Day!!  Eat and Live Well!!  Talk to you all soon.

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