What Makes a Smile?


Which of these two women is more beautiful?   

No one has heard from me for a little while, so now I am going to tell you why.  In a round a bout way.  The two ladies above were or still are happy.  Is it because they are loved?  Is it because they are beautiful?  Is it because they are comfortable with themselves enough to let someone take their picture?  Or is it all of the above?

My answer is all of the above.  But, not everyone would probably agree.  The lady on the top has no teeth, and not everyone would find her beautiful.  Well, my guess is, that her family doesn’t look at the smile, but the warmth behind it.  Her friends probably don’t even notice, because she is fun to be with and fun to visit with.  So my top pick would be her, because it doesn’t look posed, but an actual warm smile with her heart and soul behind it.

Now, the lady in the bottom picture is also beautiful.  Beautiful smile with warmth behind it.  Beautiful scenery and just all around beautiful picture, but that is just what it is.  A posed picture.  Now, not trying to put this lady down, because she truly is beautiful and her family and friends also love her for just what she is not just a picture.

So what is in a picture?  Is it all about the picture or the story behind it?  Remember a picture says a 1000 words.  My theory on this is that the two pictures above both say 1000 words.  Because any picture is just a moment in time.  But there is a story in front of and also behind that moment.


Don’t know the statistics on major dental issues, but I have had my fair share.  I should have taken more care of my teeth and gums, but I was so afraid of the dentist that I kept putting off the necessary dental care.  Of course, it would have been so much less painful to take care of them than to go what I have gone through the last year.  Stupid Me!  So like the lady above I have no teeth. Well, that’s not quite true, I have 6 left on the bottom so that when I can get dentures, the bottom has something to hang on to.

The end of our vacation was in Hutchison, KS on November 14th.  That is where the oral surgeon is that pulled the rest of my teeth and did some necessary bone scraping.  Fortunately I was put to sleep during the 2 hour procedure.   My wonderful husband, took me back to our camper and took care of me for the rest of the day.  Got my medicine, got me some soft food, and let me sleep.  Don’t know what I would do without him.

I did ask him if he minded being married to a toothless woman, and he said it wasn’t my face that he fell in love with and aren’t all grandmas toothless?  It was all of me!  He married me when I was 47, so he definitely didn’t marry me for my looks.  Of course, I am very conscience of my teeth being gone, but as this is my first day back at the brick and mortar store here in Holly, CO, I have found that I just explain what happened and why.  Let them know to take care of their dental issues.  By the way, I will be fitted for dentures at the end of the year and have them sometime in the new year.  I don’t believe that I will be posting any photos of me until then.  I will let you all know how they turn out and post a picture then.  Sorry, I am not comfortable with my smile yet.  But, when I am I will post a picture and let you know how it is going.

So back to What Makes a Smile?  A smile to me is all the love and warmth and sincerity behind it and to know that you are loved even though you may not like the person in the mirror.  I do like the person in the mirror, I say good morning to my mom (rest her soul) everyday.  She was a beautiful lady all her life even when she was near the end with cancer.  Because she could make you laugh and smile even though she was hurting inside and out.

The main thing about a smile, is not the smile itself, but the person behind the face and what is in their heart and soul.



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