The Cheaters Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-dinnerWell, one holiday down, and Christmas to go.  Doesn’t seem to be enough time between the two.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice and comfortable.  AND EASY!!!

We only had Donnie’s two sons, Dylan, Casey his fiancée Tricia and son Connor.  So instead of getting up in the wee hours, got to sleep in until 8:00. YEAH!!  I ordered a whole Thanksgiving Dinner from Safeway.  Included the 10 lb. turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and dinner roles.  All precooked and all I had to do was warm it up.  Also bought pies already made.


I did make a couple of other items, wouldn’t be Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter without Green Bean Casserole and some Corn Casserole.

I know this is the cheaters way, and I do love to cook, but this year with all the health stuff going on I decided to take the easy way out.  By the way, the meal was delicious.  And didn’t have a lot of left overs.

With a 3 year old around, we watched a lot of Shrek II, on the VCR imagine that.  We can now almost quote it word for word.  We still had some old tapes and the VCR so that is how out of date we are.  Also played a great game of Monopoly.  Dylan won.  No wonder we believe he will be the first millionaire in our family.  He is very frugal and a great buyer.

Anyway, Dylan and Casey helped us out this weekend and worked in our yard.


The boat got put in the building, the yard got cleaned up a touch and we can now drive something into our shop.



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