christmas-treevia Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Ahh! Christmas Time again!  Seems the older I get, the faster every year goes by.  Did I get everything done in 2016 that I had planned?  I guess some of it, some of it has been deleted completely or has been an altered plan.  My anticipation of the new year is for hope.  Hope for a cure for cancer, ALS, MS, and every other disease out there.  Although that is far from my control.

This next year is going to be a busy one for us.  We still want to travel more, but seems like time just gets away from us and real worktime and jobs are still on top of the list.  We anticipate another trip to Texas and South Dakota, try to fit in North Carolina and Washington State.  Just have to see what fits into our schedule.

Anticipation for all the new trips this next year is always more of wishful thinking than actual time to do them all.

Watch and see where we go next.  Merry Christmas to all.


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