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Pages 62-66 On the third Tuesday Morrie arrived with the normal bags of food—-Pasta with corn, potato salad, apple cobbler— and something else: A Sony tape recorder. Mitch wanted to record what they talk about and he wants to have Morrie’s voice so he can listen to it later. Morrie and Mitch talked about Morrie’s […]

via The third Tuesday- We Talk About Regrets — Vong’s Blog

I reblogged this, because ALS is a disease that I didn’t even know the first thing about, but since 2015 I have had to learn a lot.  My husband was diagnosed with this horrific disease after several years of testing, procedures, and several neorologists.  Sorry for the spelling.

Anyway, recently my husband who has a very slow progressive form of the disease, has been getting weaker.  No use of his left side, and hard to do even easy tasks.  Very frustrating for him.

He has always been a very hands on type of person in every aspect of his life.  Including farming, trucking, and helping with my feed store.  Lately, his back has been hurting him so bad that he can’t stand or walk for more than 5 minutes.

It is hard for me to watch some of the small changes.  Because even the smallest change can effect his daily life.  Please say a prayer for all those suffering with this disease and for all the people effected with diseases with no cure.  God Bless all.  Merry Christmas.

I am not looking for sympathy, but we need more research and understanding about this disease.  The more people out there that even recognize the term ALS, the more interest there will be in research and also it is one of the hardest diseases to determine.  You have to rule everything else out before a diagnosis can be made.

Sorry this comes up today, but have been thinking I need to do more about getting the word out.



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