January 2017 ALS in our Family


This is my husband, Donnie, pretty handsome don’t you think. I love his smile and mustache.  This picture was taken about 3 years ago in Oregon while on a camping trip to visit relatives.  We had a great time and want to do more of it.

Donnie has ALS, which in itself is scary, but scary good in a way that he has a slow progressive form of the disease.  By looking at this picture, you wouldn’t know that he is disabled and has the disease.  If you look close enough, he does in this picture show limited use of his left had and arm.  What doesn’t show is the drop foot and brace he is wearing on his left leg.

Now in 2017 he has virtually no use of his left arm and hand.  He still can walk, but has to be really careful not to trip and fall because of his foot drop.  He has had a few of those and they are not good, he scrapes himself up pretty badly and could break bones, thankfully the bones breaking hasn’t happened.

But, what I really want to talk about:  My goals, Our goals, and Our future.

I started this blog, an online website www.campingboatingleisure.com, and am selling on Ebay.  Even though I am not very tech savvy, I am trying.  So my goal this year is to try even harder and make this work and make some money. Also, to spread the word about ALS and get others more educated.

Our goals are a little harder, because the first goal has to happen so we can monetarily make it work.  Our goal is to travel more while we can and visit all of our relatives and friends across the lower 48.

Our future:  Who knows what that will bring, but I know that we will deal with every step a day at a time.  Long range is to live, laugh, love, and travel as much as we can.  I love this man pictured above, and plan, no cross that out, I promise to make our lives as full as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.



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