Healthy or Not

Life after 50 can be awesome, if you take care of yourself and keep healthy.

I am late by one year, but it is all done.  I did the mammogram, colonoscopy, bone density, blood pressure, sugar levels, eyes, blood tests for common ailments, and immunizations.

There are other tests, but these are the ones I had done and do feel like I have done my best.

Results:  Mammogram clean; colonoscopy clean; bone density peri-osteoporosis; blood pressure little high but controlled with medicine, sugar levels type II diabetic controlled with medicine; eyes trifocals; blood tests clean, and the flu shot.

Anyway, now that you know about my health, please ask yourself:  Is it time for me to do any health checks?  It can be a life saver.

So like I said, life after 50 can be awesome.  My husband and I are hard working, but also hard playing people.  We enjoy our 5th wheel RV, traveling to the east and west coasts to see our children and grandchildren.  We enjoy our pontoon in the summer and also enjoy just hanging out making some smores and maybe drinking a few beers.

To think that we could miss out on seeing these blessings, our health is very important.  Our main goal at this point in our lives is to retire and become snowbirds.  That is why this blog and my website are so important.

The holidays are coming and all of us are so busy.  Take time to take time for yourself.  Pamper and be Pampered.

So long for now.  Sorry if this sounded like a lecture, but I do feel better knowing that I am as healthy as I can be at this point in the game.  So go learn about yourself and feel better too.